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hania“Hania,” directed by Janusz Kamiński, tells the story of a newly married couple who decides to invite a boy from a children’s home to spend Christmas with them. This extraordinary new person in their home during so special a time forces the couple to reflect on their existing relationship, allowing them to rediscover love. Accompanying the film is a score by world-renowned Polish composer Jan A. P. Kaczmarek. Kaczmarek’s composition creates an atmosphere that is both festive and romantic, punctuating unusual moments in this mysterious, world fairy tale. The score consists of 18 musical pieces performed by the Polish Radio Orchestra with pianist Leszek Mozdzer.

Genre: Psychological Drama

Country: Poland

Premier: November 30, 2007

Director: Janusz Kamiński

Screenplay: Andrzej Gołda




PogodaNaJutro“Weather for tomorrow” tells the tale of Joseph Kozioł, a man who, after 17 years of isolation in a monastery, attempts to return to a normal life and to find a place in his new reality. The world, its customs, politics, and its people have changed, even those closest to him. His wife, younger daughter and son still don’t forgive him for his sudden disappearance. Only Ola, his older daughter, now the star in a reality television show, is happy to see him. He only relies on his own set of rules and beliefs, which his family thinks is outdated Yet, this “old fashioned” way of thinking turns out to be a powerful cure for all problems.

This is the film and its director/actor, Jerzy Stuhr, received ovations lasting minutes at the Festival in Gdynia, adding to the proof that Stuhr is not only a first rate actor, but also a talented director with a bright future.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Country: Poland

Premier: October 3, 2003

Director: Jerzy Stuhr

Screenplay: Mieczyslaw Herba, Jerzy Stuhr


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